Shake your mind
Social Media and Content Internship
We are looking for four Social media evangelists for four primary channels. You will have four hours a day to make our stories more catchy and our content more relevant.

We are the ambassadors of Ukrainian IT Social Media, and you can become part of our team!
We prepare an internship that can catapult you from just a student to just a student to a professional of the best marketing team.

We already are an icon, but you can add some colors. Join our Social Media internship, and you will gain all the power to broadcast our tone and voice, to transform our ideas into full-fledged media products/ solutions.

Who we are looking for
choose the one that stands out to you, finish it and come backAre you social media evangelists, who don't understand why people are still watching? Feel yourself in www better than any spider? If yes, we're waiting exactly for you.

Also, for being effective you to need have Upper Intermediate English and ability to write concise, attention-grabbing and hard-hitting copy that puts the message across.

Now it's time for a task: choose the one that stands out to you, finish it and come back. Please, write a few sentences about yourself in a doc with the task. Have fun! :)
Choose the task
Please, visit one of our events and make one piece of content for outside channels.
We have a lot of real heroes among our employees, students, partners. We have even star "Muha Pes". Let's find somebody or something special and create a very "people" story.
Info from web-site
It's can be not so easy to find an interesting example for creating content in the company's site. But it's possible. Let's try? It could be even opening a new office, for example.
Something new?
Please, look thru all our social media. Do you see some gaps in content? Describe them and propose real references.
What we'll do together
Make briefs
Work on brief with internal clients to clarify aim, format and channels of the content.
Create content
Create content for one of the channels chosen by you (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or LinkedIn) .
Analyze the data
Sponsor content and analyze the efficiency.
Connect with people
Be closely connected with designers, photographers and videographers.
Dad and Mam
People who are ready to become your new family for the next three month.
Zenovii Pavliuk
SoftServe Content Lead
That's the man who will answer to million your questions and share with you unique experience.
Nataliia Serediuk
Social Media and Content Specialist
That's the person who'll save you from big fails.

It is the best way to improve your professional skills and become more valuable.
No working experience needed.
Proficient team, so you'll be not the one on the battlefield.
4 working hours every day for which we'll pay.
Tones of content sources – more than 7000 employees.